Sunday, November 28, 2010

Witcher Review

Since my last post about the Witcher I have been playing the game off and on. Been trying to finally finish this game esp before the next witcher is released. I freaking love this game even with the mostly boring ass combat system. The game def shows that it was made by starting out developers. Made by polish who use to translate games from english to euro/asian (not listing out that shit).

Graphics sound and all the technical crap are great. Game is from the same engine bioware has been using for rpgs for years. Dialog is a bit on the crap side at times but is easily overlooked.

Combat is fun but will get boring after awhile as you click and do his combos. There are 2 different main weapons you use and 2 other weapon slots that i have not found good use for other then to look cool with different weapons equipped. You have a steel and silver 2h swords. Steel is for humans and some monsters while silver is for monsters steel wont touch. With that you have 3 different combat stances. One for fighting strong slow powerful enemies, one for fast agile enemies who will dodge your strong attacks and a stance for fighting groups. With all that you also have the use of magic to force push and whatnot. Combat works like this. Draw weapons, use right stance, click enemy, as he does his 1st attack wait for the mouse to change color to make a combo and again to finish the combo. Sometimes you will stun a enemy and get a nice finisher that looks badass. Thats your typical fight other then some where you interact with the environment or have to use magic but those are for the big bads.

Alchemy is the games crafting system. You collect parts from monsters and plants found in the game to make healing pots and different buffs to help you in combat. You NEED to use this stuff to because the combat system is easy but alot of fights are balls deep hard.

Story wise the game is grim dark as all hell. They had to do the amnesia bit for the main character which works out well. This is a post war world where any nonhuman is hated and mistrusted. Elves and DORFS are constantly being harassed, assaulted and murdered for nothing. Some of the folk in this game like to insult you with "your mother sucks DORF cock". I really want to read the books after playing just a part of this game.

The game has a good amount of side quest and stuff to do. I find my self bar fighting and playing dice poker a ton.

Game comes loaded with choices and consequences. I actually hate and love when games do this. I'll sit at a fucking screen of 2 big choices wondering which to pick that wont fuck me later or piss me off after i make it. The choices haven't really been huge in the game yet just minor crap which is cool.

Now the sweetest part of the game? Geralt of Rivia. This bad dude is one of my fav chars now. semi marry sue thats a badass and gets tons of hot ass babes. oh whats that? yeah thats right you nail tons of chicks in this game. There are like 2+ chicks in all the story chapters you can nail and should! Sex isn't as good as it is in dragon age but you get a nice show and a sex card at the end with said hot babe post sex glow.

Thats the review hope you like. I def recommend anyone to play this if you like the looks of the witcher 2 or just love rpgs in general. You will def get your money worth out of this game.


  1. RPG games Rock! Got a new follower hope you'll check mine out sometime

  2. Looks like Oblivion but even better! Thanks for the review, will totaly go get myself this game this week to try it out!

  3. the flips this guy does when he is fighting is crazy lol

  4. That looks awesome!

  5. Seems interesting, I love side minigames in a game!

  6. I remember reading about this game on Penny Arcade.

  7. judging from your review, i probably won't be checking this out. with these types of games, dialogue and believability are equally as important as the technical aspects

  8. Long post man, but I enjoyed it!

  9. To find an excellent review as this one it's rare.
    Great job man.