Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Break Day

No real post today. Got a ton of running to do and turn in my resume to a few places.

Coming soon a rant about league of legends!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen

One of my fav actors died last night.  He died in his sleep in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida hospital of complications from pneumonia.  If you don't know who this is SHAME ON YOU and go watch police squad and all the naked gun movies! Also you will watch Dracula dead and loving it!  Speaking of that i'm going back and watching all those movies today!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Witcher Review

Since my last post about the Witcher I have been playing the game off and on. Been trying to finally finish this game esp before the next witcher is released. I freaking love this game even with the mostly boring ass combat system. The game def shows that it was made by starting out developers. Made by polish who use to translate games from english to euro/asian (not listing out that shit).

Graphics sound and all the technical crap are great. Game is from the same engine bioware has been using for rpgs for years. Dialog is a bit on the crap side at times but is easily overlooked.

Combat is fun but will get boring after awhile as you click and do his combos. There are 2 different main weapons you use and 2 other weapon slots that i have not found good use for other then to look cool with different weapons equipped. You have a steel and silver 2h swords. Steel is for humans and some monsters while silver is for monsters steel wont touch. With that you have 3 different combat stances. One for fighting strong slow powerful enemies, one for fast agile enemies who will dodge your strong attacks and a stance for fighting groups. With all that you also have the use of magic to force push and whatnot. Combat works like this. Draw weapons, use right stance, click enemy, as he does his 1st attack wait for the mouse to change color to make a combo and again to finish the combo. Sometimes you will stun a enemy and get a nice finisher that looks badass. Thats your typical fight other then some where you interact with the environment or have to use magic but those are for the big bads.

Alchemy is the games crafting system. You collect parts from monsters and plants found in the game to make healing pots and different buffs to help you in combat. You NEED to use this stuff to because the combat system is easy but alot of fights are balls deep hard.

Story wise the game is grim dark as all hell. They had to do the amnesia bit for the main character which works out well. This is a post war world where any nonhuman is hated and mistrusted. Elves and DORFS are constantly being harassed, assaulted and murdered for nothing. Some of the folk in this game like to insult you with "your mother sucks DORF cock". I really want to read the books after playing just a part of this game.

The game has a good amount of side quest and stuff to do. I find my self bar fighting and playing dice poker a ton.

Game comes loaded with choices and consequences. I actually hate and love when games do this. I'll sit at a fucking screen of 2 big choices wondering which to pick that wont fuck me later or piss me off after i make it. The choices haven't really been huge in the game yet just minor crap which is cool.

Now the sweetest part of the game? Geralt of Rivia. This bad dude is one of my fav chars now. semi marry sue thats a badass and gets tons of hot ass babes. oh whats that? yeah thats right you nail tons of chicks in this game. There are like 2+ chicks in all the story chapters you can nail and should! Sex isn't as good as it is in dragon age but you get a nice show and a sex card at the end with said hot babe post sex glow.

Thats the review hope you like. I def recommend anyone to play this if you like the looks of the witcher 2 or just love rpgs in general. You will def get your money worth out of this game.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rune Factory 3

Been hearing a ton about this game lately. It's been out for about 2 weeks. I loved playing the old harvest moons and this is that with swords and magic. Game is looking fairly awesome and will def take up some time, has anyone played this?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!

WOOOO the day of great sales! how many of you drones fought crowds to get crap instead of using a computer for a same deal?

No real post today as I am way to tired a lazy after eating all yesterday.

In TSA news they turned off the backscatter machines to avoid long ass wait lines that were going to form from the opt out day! Those things are really necessary for security eh?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks Giving

No real post today. Making my family round which fucking blows. Have a good one

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Stumbled on this story about a person who declined to get xrayed and sexually assaulted by tsa when he returned home from France.  Spent 2 and a half hours arguing with TSA agents and police who kept him detained.  For those of you who don't know about recent TSA policy i'll inform you.  Some people will randomly have to pass through basically a xray machine and it will show EVERYTHING.  Whats worse is that these images recently got leaked onto the web.  Even worse we don't know what medical problems a person can get for going throught this machine or the ppl who use it.  You can choose to not go through but then its time for a TSA agent to rape you.  I mean pat down....and by pat down i mean your getting a physical exam to check your balls.  They even do this bs to kids.

One man who had nothing else to do refused both options and sat in security for almost 3 hours to see what would happen.  Check out his blog in the link below and i'll link his audo from talking to these people.

Personally i would refuse these bastards also. There is no need to touch my genitals or that of a child of any age.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Got my VIP beta pass to this game last night.  Since I won't be playing wow for some time I'll roll with this and a few friends.  Really this game is my last hope for new MMO's.  Other then starwars which is just a single player game at this point. Still on the fence with that.  If anyone is interested in getting a beta key for this game just watch their facebook and sign up on the website.


good vid of gameplay, older and things have more then likely changed around.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Age of Empires 3

Got this game and all the xpacks last night for 10 cents! Only downside is I have to wait a week because they sold so many they ran out of product keys.  Apparently Microsoft has been having crazy ass sales all week for thanksgiving.  Keep an eye on their store today and i'll post if anything good comes up.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

News from web 2.0 summit

Some cool info about the different ppl who attended the summit.  If you don't know about web 2.0 then go check it out.  Some really exciting stuff.

SAN FRANCISCO--There was an uneasiness in the air this week at the stately Palace Hotel during the eighth annual Web 2.0 Summit, the sort of vibe that you couldn't see in the glossy program or in the lineup of events that included talks by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski, and big-ticket investors like John Doerr and Fred Wilson. People weren't talking about it, for the most part, but you could see it. You could hear it sometimes, too, if you knew what to listen for.
"We're entering a period of conflict in the Web, a period of intense competition. We're looking at new levels of M&A. We're looking at the decision: do you partner, or do you compete?" conference organizer Tim O'Reilly said in his introduction to Web 2.0 Summit. "They're asking themselves the question: Who do I work with? Who are my friends? Who are my enemies? How am I going to win?"
"Competition," Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said when asked for the first word that came to mind when she heard the word "Facebook."
"You don't need an app for the Web," criticized Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie, taking a potshot at RIM's biggest threat, Apple's iPhone, and the structured, app-based environment it promotes. "You go through some sort of special developer set of tools because there's no other way--we just don't believe that to be true."
"It's overheated. Things are getting crazy. People are showing up to their first meetings with their term sheets," Union Square Ventures' Fred Wilson said of the start-ups that are scrambling to take advantage of an open season among both traditional venture capitalists and the individual "angel investors" who are shaking up the financing landscape.
The exclusive Web 2.0 Summit conference began in 2004 as a celebration of the promises of the post-dot-com era Web but has since veered into a clash of the titans, so as to speak. Two years ago, it was about futurism. Last year it was about dealmaking. This year it was about "points of control," according to conference co-organizers Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle. A stylized, Age of Exploration-inspired map hung above the stage, delineating territories on an imagined set of digital continents as though they were the targets of a literal land grab. It's Google versus Facebook, Apple versus Adobe, Google versus Apple, Netflix versus Hulu, Yahoo versus the public opinion, Twitter versus Facebook, Microsoft versus Google, Facebook versus the start-ups that build on its platforms, every company in Silicon Valley versus the well-publicized shortage of engineering talent.
"The feuds that we see," O'Reilly observed in a conference "debrief" talk after the event had ended yesterday, "it makes people do stupid things as opposed to just trying to do things for the industry as a whole. There's still a lot of virgin territory."
Indeed, even Zuckerberg, in a talk on Tuesday afternoon, indicated that he's tired of hearing his company pitted against Google, scheming to kill Yahoo Mail through a new messaging product, or hellbent on squishing start-ups by acquiring them and bringing their founders into its own ranks. "We're not just trying to take value from other companies," Zuckerberg insisted, pointing to the colonialist-inspired map above him and saying that he thought it was inaccurate in the sense that no territory on it was left uncharted. He said that if the map were a true representation of Silicon Valley it'd be able to expand, "not only that it should expand but that we should enable it to expand."
Maybe the real reason for this discomfort isn't that this guarded competitiveness and calculated strategy of land grabs are bad things. Maybe it's the shedding of the naivete over the Silicon Valley knee-jerk reaction that we aren't supposed to be like that, like the rest of corporate America with its trade secrets and fierce rivals and back-room dealings. The whiteboards, the "hackathons," the pursuit of open standards (which, by the way, was a topic of conversation almost completely absent from this year's Web 2.0 Summit) for the greater good fall away. You are a business in search of profits. You have competitors. You want to beat them at their game.
And the funny thing is, we saw it in the Microsoft versus Apple PC battles that were so dramatically documented in the made-for-TV movie "The Pirates of Silicon Valley." We saw it in the browser wars, the search engine wars, and in every scramble for venture-capital dollars whenever there's a promising concept getting floated by a half-dozen entrepreneurs who've Googled the directions to Sand Hill Road. The recent film "The Social Network" might have dramatized many of Zuckerberg's early conflicts and obstacles in building Facebook, but does it mean that the real story was free of conflict and confrontation? Absolutely not.
The problem is that every time a shiny new craze rolls around in the digital-media industry, the rose-colored glasses flip right back onto our faces in reaction to the blaring, alluring sunlight in front of us. Everyone is suddenly working toward a single goal--the social Web, the connected Web, the real-time Web or whatever you want to call it in this case--and then people seem to expect it'll all turn into a community project rather than a grab bag of disparate, profit-focused companies that will ultimately want to get ahead of one another. Yes, collaboration does happen, and CEOs like Zuckerberg undoubtedly really do care about furthering a vision of a world tied together through the power of digital technology. But the reactions to a tech industry rife with antagonistic, nervous sentiments really shouldn't be so disconcerted. Shouldn't this be business as usual?
In Silicon Valley, companies are "supposed" to fail because the admirable concepts behind them were misguided, because they were too focused on changing the world without thinking of the need to infuse some profits into the mix--or, in the most optimistic sense, because they're too forward-thinking the industry isn't ready for them. No, sometimes they're snuffed out simply because another, more powerful company could whip up a bigger market share.
The other reason why this generated a particularly grating friction at the Web 2.0 Summit is because, with few exceptions, the executives onstage weren't talking about it directly. That's a byproduct of the public forum.
"The conversations when you have with these people (before they go onstage) are so much more candid," Battelle said in the "debrief" session as he riffed on his talks with speakers prior to their interviews onstage. "What Julius Genachowski can say privately and what he can say publicly are two very different things."
In saying that he may have been taking in some glee in the kind of access he gains from his powerful role as conference organizer, but Battelle's right on a broader scale, too. You're not going to get that kind of frankness when you bring a whole host of industry influentials into a hotel ballroom festooned with gilt and chandeliers, charge them a few grand for three days of peeks at the most talked-about CEOs in the business sitting up on a stage, microphones clipped onto the collars of their shirts, in front of an audience of fingers poised above glowing smartphone and tablet screens with Twitter clients open and ready.
"I'm a little saddened by how measured and media-savvy Eric Schmidt has become," O'Reilly said to the audience of conference attendees at the "debrief" event on Wednesday night. Indeed, the best two talks of the conference were the debates between venture capitalists Wilson and Doerr on Tuesday; and media executive Peter Chernin with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings yesterday, in which real dialogue was able to result rather than just the talking points coming from a tech executive who's had a few too many dealings with persnickety reporters and watchful government regulators.
You didn't see the real nature of industry competition unfolding on the Web 2.0 Summit stage, that's for sure. But the malaise may be overblown; Valley veterans should know better than anyone else that when a company grows big and becomes more focused on staying big than on innovating, it's screwed. The pace of development in the industry means another will step in faster than you can say "Microsoft." Investors who've pumped ungodly amounts of money into stupid ideas will feel the burn. There may be setbacks, but things really can keep moving forward.
And maybe that means the tech industry really is that sunny of a place to be. Just not in the way you might think.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-20023194-36.html#ixzz15wVJyRox

Saturday, November 20, 2010

FCC may regulate Internet lines days before Christmas

Stumbled on this from 
god i hate the FCC so much.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a Christmas gift in store for the phone and cable industry: it may move ahead on its controversial net-neutrality regulations three days before Christmas.
An FCC source confirmed on Friday that the commission plans to push its December meeting back by a week, meaning it will fall on the 22nd of the month. That's the same meeting in which analysts say the agency may move forward on its controversial net-neutrality proposal.
Though the FCC has not confirmed that it will vote on net neutrality this year, rumors are swirling that it will. 
The timing of the meeting is already raising eyebrows. Some see it as a way to move the matter along before the GOP assumes the majority and while Congress is not in session to criticize the effort. 
Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), ranking member of the telecom subcommittee, questioned the schedule on Friday.
He said "it appears that Chairman [Julius] Genachowski is trying to slip it under the radar and hope no one notices."
Industry sources also suggested that political calculus is involved with the change of date for the meeting.
"While many Americans will be enjoying their eggnog on that day, I'm sure the broadband providers won't be pleased to find this piece of coal in their stockings," an industry source jibed. 
Republicans are already mounting a campaign to oppose the potential Internet line regulations, which would aim to rein in how cable and phone companies manage Internet traffic. Nineteen Republicans signed a letter to Genachowski on Friday urging him not to move forward with net neutrality. 
“Reigniting the network neutrality debate will only distract us from that work and further jeopardize investment, innovation, and jobs. We ask you not to circulate such an order,” they wrote. 
Democrats on Capitol Hill may come to the commission's defense, however, as the policy has various supporters in the House. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) said in a statement on Friday that he wants the agency to act this year. 
"Preservation of a free and open Internet is essential to protect consumers, spur investment, foster innovation and promote the free flow of ideas," he said. 
An FCC official also remained steadfast on Friday that net-neutrality rules are a sound policy.
"Net Neutrality is about preventing anyone from regulating the Internet. There are some cable and phone companies out there that want to decide which apps you should get on your phone, which Internet sites you should look at, and what online videos you can download. That’s regulating the Internet -- and that’s what the FCC is trying to stop,” the official said

Friday, November 19, 2010


Really have nothing to post atm.  W.E. I can break from stuff for one day while i finish my resume.  How is everyone's day so far?

Here is a pic of my dog facebooking.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Found this movie on netflix last night and remembered why this movie is one of my favs.  If you like big shoot out movies or cops and robbers stuff then this is your movie.  This movie has by far the best shootout scenes I have ever watched.  Also one of the most realistic esp for its time.  One of the 1st movies I had seen at the time that actually had people reloading and being tacticool.  For anyone who thinks that the big shootout scene could never happen IRL you need to look up the one that happened in California awhile back where 2 guys held back LAPD for like 2+ hours.  Movie has some excellent big named people with great acting all around.  During the film i had flash backs to kayne and lynch with the action and characters.  I see where the game developers got their ideas from.  Def check this movie out, you will not be disappointed.

Been a lazy last few days expect more good or terrible movies!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Holy crap what a freaking TERRIBLE movie.  It's your typical horror movie filled with the usual terrible mistakes people make in them.  I rage the most about it because everything could of been avoided if they just drove on a fucking flat.  The movie is about a mad scientist trying to make crazy ass things from both people and animals.  He is literally trying to make a human centipede from 3 people.  Brilliant!  how does he do this?  Why connect them from ass to mouth.  Then try and train them to act as one.  I'm gonna go ahead and spoil this for you because this movie is such trash.  They all die!  Hrm i never knew eating poop and getting an infection would kill someone.  I did kinda cringe at the 1st poop eating.  The only good thing about this movie was the hot chicks in the 1st before they are connected ass to mouth to a asian guy.  The curly hair chick is mah waifu, she is crazy hot.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

If anyone is on the edge of buying this game and cant decide then you need to get this because its bad ass.  The only thing that i have found i dislike about the game is sometimes u spawn in terrible positions and get killed.  This is getting fixed very soon.  To addicted to make a real post about this. Friends are back and we are playing again.  Also since ppl don't read i'm sick of reading your terrible comments and boring blogs about insurance and ch 11. get this game fools! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Deliver Us from Evil

Seems my gf is also on a documentary kick and finds better ones then I do.  She picked this out from netflix. Crazy film about catholic priest covering up a priest who abused 100's of kids in the 3 different areas they kept moving him to.  People would invite him into their homes and lives. In return he abused their kids.  The people above him protected him from the public and the police.  What really sets this apart from the usual blame you see on the news now and then is the priest is actually talking about what he did and how it was covered up.  The priest above him told the victim girls that its ok he did it because they were girls, if they were boys then it would be obscene.

Really a great movie.  Sad to see that this happens and is still happening today.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Iphone 3g Jailbreaking

Looking to jailbreak my old iphone 3g to sell on ebay or craigslist.  From what i can tell the price goes up with jailbreaking.  Anyone have a good guide on how to do this? Searching the net shows tons of crap with no real info other then so and so updated new program to jailbreak!  Looking for a real guide and info.  Thanks a ton to ppl who can help.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


In yesterdays boredom I got on my friends minecraft account and checked out survival mode. HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME.  Started playing around 3pm looked up its all of a sudden its 2 am.  Spent hours hiding and fight monsters and just building shit. I have a massive mountain home with a lookout post on top.  Today i'm going to have a huge bridge connecting the lookout tower to a castle.  I will be buying this game soon as i can afford to, broke as all hell after paying bills.  Anyone who hasn't checked minecraft out head to http://www.minecraft.net/ and play with the free part of it. The game is crazy fun and addictive.

Don't say stupid crap like durrr graphics are crap. yeah no shit but its an amazing game and you should try it.

I dunno why but I am on a massive documentary kick with netflix right now. Anyone have any recommendations?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jesus Camp

Don't post religious crap on this topic, not going to turn this into a god/nogod crap. Movie is about "an honest and impartial depiction of one faction of the evangelical Christian community".  If you saw the movie post how u feel or a reaction to it.
Walked in this morning to my gf watching Jesus Camp.  It's a great movie if you like to watch kids get indoctrinated and brainwashed.  Now I got nothing against religion but man this is just something I am not use to. From growing up in a boring sit down and listen baptist church to people speaking in tongues is to much.  They almost seem like tin foil hat crazies.  I guess its good their kids have something to believe in and have hope for something bigger.  They seem generally happy having religion which is great for them.  I rather give someone a choice to believe instead of just pounding it into them at all times.

People in this movie so crazy misinformed.  At the start and all through the movie you will hear nothing but CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.  They complain about separation from church and state. Claiming this is the reason y kids are so messed up.  First off kids are been fucked up for some time and it has nothing to do bible readings.  Also most founders and many presidents were not Christians at all.

So many crazy ass things these ppl are talking about. I could talk forever about how angry I have got watching this movie.  I thank god that i never had this crap drilled into me and that I am able to think for myself.  I also thank because my preacher neighbor doesn't constantly bug me about church other then events that are actually fun to go to and they don't try and convert everyone.

I find it insanely hilarious that they have Ted Haggard on there talking about homosexuals and such.  Hrmmm didn't he recently get caught with another man and admitted to that going on for YEARS.  If i remember right the man he was with was a prostitute. Also Ted had a drug addiction maybe? I can't remember exactly. Then after being fired and shunned he becomes a vagabond traveling the country to friends and family houses trying to find work.  He finally gave up and went back to the church for "straight classes".  I haven't heard about him in a long time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hacker at Washington State University

Well this person is going to be in some serious trouble once they are caught.

Also have an AWESOME freaking lego printer vid. Don't think there is anything legos cant do lol.


An anonymous hacker wearing a Guy Fawkes mask took over classroom projection screens at Washington State University last Friday, the fifth of November, to broadcast a prerecorded message adapted from V For Vendetta, in a prank that evidently alarmed administrators and amused students.
The nearly four minute video, which was also posted on YouTube, and has its own website, Facebook page and Twitter hashtag, criticizes the university’s IT department. It also urges the student body to rise up against squirrels on the campus grounds. The rodents, the ersatz V complains, do nothing but “eat, drink and breed.”
Video projectors in two dozen classrooms were high-jacked in the prank, according to news reports, and the video was set to replay automatically every hour. The hacker’s website advised university staff that the messages would stop automatically at the end of the day, but referred them to a batch file left on the AV servers that would also reverse the hack. “This script will cleanly remove and reverse all modifications made to the systems.”
A spokeswoman told the Chronicle of Higher Education that campus police were working to identify the perpetrator. “Childish pranks just don’t have a place anymore,” said Darin Watkins. “What may have been seen as cute and clever years ago really doesn’t get that kind of reaction today.”

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dungeons & Dragons Online

While I wait to see if i land my job Friday I am unable to get anything new so me and a few friends started DDO back up.  I always find myself coming back to play this game.  The game has been free to play for a long time and brought a ton more ppl into DDO.

I love this game for many reasons.  A big one is the people who play are all nice and helpful.  I have only ran into a few assholes in the game and even they were calm as hell compared to people I routinely encounter in wow.  Even the kids I have played with were not going balls deep screaming into their mics and playing smart. Raids are fun and mostly fast depending if you or someone in your group knows the way.

Grouping and your characters are also what I love in this game.  You could solo most of the dungeons in the game but later on it will get harder.  Grouping is fast and very fun.  Working with you party to solve the puzzles in game and avoid and disable the traps is just amazing.  You can build your characters so many ways.  Each class has a ton of different builds u can go for and since you can splash 2 other classes you can make some amazing characters.  Equipment wise you will have a ton of different weapons if your melee.  On my barbarian I carry potions of buffs and healing, around 10 different weapons i collected with different effects on them. I have quite a few different armors with click effects for different buffs.  That character is prepared for about anything.

Of course the game has flaws and reason people do not play.  One thing is making said characters is that if your not use to dnd games it can be hard making a custom character instead of the games premade characters.  The premades are not bad at all but they are not perfect.  The game is 100% instance which is good and bad. Tons of ppl hate this.  The main city areas and taverns are open with maybe 2 or 3 different instances for them depending on players. People miss the open world like wow and others have.  Personally it doesn't bother me.  Now i don't have a 10min walk or 2min ride from place to place.  One thing said people don't know is that there are open explorable areas which are great for loot and experience.

If you find yourself looking for something different try out ddo and play around with it. It's 100% free but eventually you will need to sub or buy the currency to open up the high lvl dungeons.  I'll post up some SS later if anything cool happens.

C programing book finally got here from amazon. Only took them 3 weeks =(.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally found a game!

Woke up today and looked around for a rpg to play. Was about to play plane scape or baulders gate 2 again but went with the witcher. Played about half way through it and never finished. I'll post up a review when I'm done. Looking to bang every chick i can in it.

As for MMO, talked to a few buddies and they are looking for something different then wow and its clones.  Either going to go back and play Ultima online or try out Mortal online or Darkfall.  I miss being a highwayman in these types of games.  Watch for ppl coming down a road and raid them. Full loot is awesome.  Building your own house or city in the woods is also one of the funnest things to do with a bunch of friends.

Also finally hit 50 followers!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New layout

Looks a ton better then the default i hope. Still got alot of things to do with it but its a huge start.

Between study and doing nothing I found myself so freaking bored. Gaining a hour has made my days drag by. Looking for some sort of MMO or rpg type game to fill some time. Any suggestions? inb4 wow i'm so crazy burned out on it i could puke. Thinking ddo again. freaking loved that game.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker


Took me a night of just all out balls deep in the back of the horsemann with melee and flames till i finally got lucky when i switched to scout and bonked the living hell out of him to get the last Halloween achievement and craft this badboy.  Feels bad but anyone else who is trying to get this will understand the massive weight that was lifted off my chest after 3 nights of pure rage.

New layout coming soon! Hopefully tonight!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Google OS

Well I'm excited as all hell about this news. I need to look more into it to see if google will keep up with monitoring its users for "better service". Whats everyone think about this new OS for netbooks?

side note- Going to be doing some changes to layout and make this blog look a ton better.

Google Chrome OS is one of the most eagerly awaited entities in the world of tech. Just like most Google services (remember Gmail remaining in BETA for well over 3 years), Chrome OS is also taking its time. But going by the present news, the OS may materialize sooner than we expect.

Many news sources, most emphatically the Taiwanese Digitimes, are equivocating views of hardware manufacturers shipping Chrome powered netbooks quite soon. And if the rumours are to be believed, those thinking of launching Chrome netbooks include Acer and HP, among many others.
But what catches the eye is the fact that Google itself may have plans of launching the first ARM powered netbook by the end of November (or perhaps early December). Sounds similar? Yes, Google adopted a somewhat similar strategy with its Android powered Google Nexus One.

Talking about the Chrome OS, it surely has one thing to its credit: the fact that it stands on the shoulders of a giant. And looking at the monumental rise in popularity of the Chrome web browser owing to its ease of use and simplicity, there seems to be no plausible reason to doubt the success of Chrome OS. Google have been talking about it as an Operating System, custom-built for the internet surfer keeping the netbooks in mind. Simply put, it means a minimalist environment that provides all (or most) of the functionality of an operating system in a browser-like tabbed interface. Based on a Linux kernel, Chrome OS is expected to resemble the browser in terms of UI.

Apparently, Linux based netbooks haven’t had much success in the past, but this can be attributed to the general users’ apathy towards UNIX. With Google deciding to ride the bandwagon, the scene is surely bound to change towards good.

Friday, November 5, 2010


So spent almost all day trying to get this crap with no luck. Every other achievement is done for Halloween but this. I'm about to throw my comp through a wall so I am on a break.  Haven't played Team Fortress 2 in ages and loving all the new stuff.  Anyone have luck doing the Gored! achievement?  Wish me luck as i try again later tonight.  Will be on the reddit server if anyone wants to join me later.

Also those posting on a certain site will get you banned for 2 weeks from there, so no more everyone.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Finally back home and tired as all hell! Nothing tech related today just some funny stuff. Depending on what all goes down tomorrow  I might have some tech related stuff as i play with wireshark and other network tools.

Funny vid i stumbled on

gah i could found this sooner. I could of made some serious money at school with this

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Slender man!

New Tribe Twelve video out today! For ppl who havn't seen the slender man vids search it and check it out. Nice creepy pasta and entertaining vids ppl have made.  Acting is terrible at times and marble hornets gets kinda cheesy and lame later on but still fun to watch.  No Tech related stuff today since i have a million things to do.

Watch a few of marble hornet and if you get hooked watch the rest of em. I was told about everyman hybrid today. Havn't looked it up to watch yet.

Marble Hornets is the best of them

Trible Twelve is another great

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Big day for me. Woke up to bitch at amazon for not sending my book a week late, hour later it has been sent. Then had what i thought a terrible phone interview, i was nervous as all hell. I guess it went alright since i have a in person interview next week. From what I am told that place has a rough phone interview. Then I went and voted. Somewhat interested to see how cali turn out.

Keeping it tech related got a fairly cool site that will tell you what those crazy errors u don't understand really mean.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Wireless Security

Today I am going to talk about wireless security.  Right now I am looking at 3 different networks from around my house, basically all my neighbors since I am currently out in BFE.  Two of the routers are named after the family they belong to and the 3rd is a default lynksys.  If I was up to no good i could very easily get on these networks and do numerous things with these people identities basically.  The chances of someone actually doing something life changing to you are somewhat slim but still possible.  You could have someone mooching off your connection right now and have no idea.

If anyone wants to know how to look on their router and see who all is connected to them currently it is very easy to do. Just log on your router and look at the DHCP log. On my lynksys it is located in the Wireless MAC Filter tab. After that take a inventory of all your wireless devices and compare.  There are many other ways and programs to do this also but this is the easiest for an everyday user.

I got some easy tips for everyone to make their network more secure and a fairly good video about how easy it really is to get on someones network and learn everything about them.  You should note that these will not stop someone who knows how and really wants to get on your network from doing so but will keep most ppl off and give headaches to others.


1) Change Your Router Default Password - A must in the first line of defense. Create a strong password with a mix of numeric, alpha and symbolic characters. Also change the username.

2) Rename and Disable SSID Broadcast on your Wireless Router - SSID (Service Set Identifier) is the network name or identifier for the wireless router. SSID's broadcast a beacon signal (usually about 10 times each second) which announces to the world that the network is live and ready to go.
With broadcasting off, wireless clients must first know the SSID before they can connect. If you have multiple PC's on your home network simply type the new name in your wireless client's setup to connect to your router when SSID is disabled.
Change the default name to something else!
3) Use MAC Addressing Filter On Your Wireless Router - Many routers let you restrict access to known MAC (Media Access Control) addresses. Each network device, such as a computer network card (NIC) has a unique MAC address. By allowing access only to pre-defined MAC addresses you can reduce the risk of rogue clients connecting to your home network.
4) Change the Default Router IP Address Setting – Router manufacturers set every router with an IP address. For example, Linksys routers are configured with an IP address of These address settings are well known and published, and can be easily discover by hackers if they know the router manufacturer and type.
5) Use WPA or WPA2 PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access with Pre Shared Key) Encryption – When possible use WPA or WPA2 PSK over WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). Both Windows XP and Mac OS X support them, along with any access point manufactured within the past few years. WPA and WPA2 both have a mode called the PSK mode that will allow you to use a password in lieu of using a full-blown 802.1X setup, which is perfect for the home user.
6) HTTPS, Firewall and Remote Access Settings On Your Wireless Router – Make sure HTTPS is enable for connecting to the router administration setup over your local network. Verify the firewall is enabled and all incoming ports are blocked. Disable remote access over the Internet setting.
7) Enable And Monitor Your Wireless Access Logs – Check your logs frequently for rogue access points (AP) or clients attached to the network. If you spot unknown clients or AP's connected to your network, change your WEP or WPA code, and do a little detective work in identifying unknown connections to your network.
8) Backup Your Router Configuration Settings - Although, not considered a security setting, backing up the router configuration before making changes will allow you to easily restore the settings in the event you make a mistake. This will prevent your router from being vulnerable if you are unsure about any changes you have made
9) Turn off Your Wireless Router When Not In Use – Why would you want to do this? When your router is powered off, your network cannot be compromised.
10) Get in the habit - of changing your router password every 30 to 60 days. Also change your PSK several times a year. Changing these two settings may just kick that un-detected guest off your network.