Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rift: Invasion

After the servers came up last night with their 10 mins of downtime for a patch and tweaking the rift spawns the game world got so much more interesting. After leaving the 1st dungeon that is open to us in beta right now we notice on the map that the rifts have opened up and are pouring out mobs and they are taking over towns! Bastard elemental and undead monsters are running wild in the world and pushing toward the capital city! We ran to meet the head of the invasion only to meet easily 300+ mobs going balls crazy on everything in sight. I spent the next few hours pushing the invasion back and closing the rifts. I have no idea how those babies opened up like that and no one killed them. I think most of us at the beta cap were doing instance runs and didn't close the high lvl rifts, so they went crazy on the world.

After we finally closed them up the dev shut the server down to increase the rift spawn rate since everyone gave good feedback on them. Been spending all day questing and fighting these rifts. Game doesn't feel like a grind any more when you almost have to do the public quest or at least check to see people are there to defend the world. If no one is there get ready to see a army moving in on your ass and they will kill you and the mob your attacking and then your quest giver.

Whats really neat is if 2 different plane invasions meet they will fight each other for the right to take towns and land. Water and death clashed last night. When a plane invades it changes the land to make it more like where it came from as it moves out. Death left a barren spiky land with creep from SC looking ground. Water left a ocean coral reef looking stuff behind.

This game is really awesome and can't wait till they open pvp to beta testers. Devs were talking on a pod cast about one side will be able to cross into another and open a rift to distract the other side while they attack somewhere else. Open pvp is back and going to be awesome as hell.

Rift VIP beta keys might be available soon, i'll hold a contest or 1st come 1st served deal i dunno yet. Just depends on if some friends want them or not. I'll keep you all informed about it.


  1. I want it! Might have some free spare times in the holidays and the game looks amazing!

  2. This game sounds so fucking fun. Why is my computer so slow!?