Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rift beta cont

Day 2 of Rift beta and this game is prolly the best that I have played in a very long time. This beta has gone smoother then any release lunch I have experience. This game is more complete than any mmo has been since I can't remember. I have played them all since MUDS and into Ultima and this jewel is as now ready to ship now. Devs have been on the ball with fixed and low server down time. Longest we had to wait for a down time for server patch was 15 mins. For real patches and updates the longest we waited was about 20ish mins.

I can't reveal much about this game due to TOS and because I actually love this game and the devs who have been on the ball with it. I'll inform ppl who don't know what has already been made public just as a general info with stuff I really like.

There are 4 major classes you choose at the start. Warrior, rogue, mage, and cleric. From there they split into about 10 different classes per major. With those you can have a combo of 3 at a time to make a really unique character. There are a TON of different builds people will be able to create. I've messed with the 3 different trees I chose to play on my warrior and all are amazing and there isn't really a cookie cutter build you must follow to have a strong character in this game. As your character progresses you will learn more classes to add to your character and have a ton of different specs. No more with you people who have say 2 different priest with all the different specs.

Public quest
This was made in war and done oh so freaking right in rifts. During your adventures random rifts will tear into the land and open portals to the different planes. At that point people all across the zone will come to help push the invasion back. At the end everyone will get a reward based on how much they contributed to the attack. Rewards are collectibles turned in at the major city for a ton of different things. If players don't respond to the rifts the mobs will get stronger and more will come. They will then push out and attack nearby towns.

G2G servers back online. Those are some of the huge things that I have really liked with the game and will write more on it later.

I haven't been around last 2 days to read what everyone has been into and I will get back to that tomorrow or the next day when beta ends!


  1. The class variety sounds very cool!

  2. Sounds like an awesome game, can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. i hadn't heard of this game but it does sound like fun. lots of role playing going on these days. not bad. keep the info coming on the beta.

  4. That's nice info there. Awesome game

  5. sounds like a good game. show some screen shots

  6. Very nice post, i follow your blog everyday...

  7. sounds interesting, i'll have to check it out in my free time

  8. I Would Love Some Screen Shots!

  9. Neat. I loved the RVR in WAR, I haven't been able to play in so long.