Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well i said i would be posting every day but since Fallout New Vegas came out i've basically been living in the Nevada wasteland prospecting and trying to hit it big. I'll give a little review on it with my opinion of the game so far.  I'll throw out the bad first and then the good because no games are released perfect.

Basically the game is great but as expected extremely buggy. I have honed my saving skills like its my job because until today the auto saves and saves in general are messed up and bugged. The crashes drove me INSANE until I started saving like a mad man every chance i got. I have noticed that some of the quest can overlap and interfere with each other like when helping a companion out and their rival has you doing quest for them that eventually have you bring the companion to them to kill. With the engine the game is built with you see the same weird stuff going on. bodies doing odd things and picking up a object off the table makes other objects on the table shoot in the air and fall. The good part of the bugs is they have been really good about patching and fixing the games major problems in a very timely manner.

Now the good. Honestly if you enjoy Fallout 3 or oblivion type games you will also love Fallout New Vegas. The game improves everything from Fallout 3. You have a real feel of a apocalyptic western. There is a ton of replay value in the game with around 10 or so factions you can align yourself with. Companions have side stories and you can finally have some control of them rather then them running around doing whatever they please. The weapons in the game are awesome! I wish my character right now was melee so i could use the bumper sword which is a bumper from a car pounded down to make a sword. With the new weapons come different ammo such as armor penetration and hallow points. You can also find mods for your new weapons such as extended mags and scopes. Finally your wasteland weapons can be TACTICOOL! The game seems a ton harder to me then Fallout 3 was witch is nice to have a challenge and not run around the game being a unstoppable monster. If my character was real he would have the most mangled body ever from all the damage he has suffered.

Well post is geting kind of long so i'll rap it up. There is no way i can really go into a ton of detail of what all has improved greatly with New Vegas but those are some big changes to the game. The last thing i have to say is i fear the new mode called "hardcore".  I have a feeling this mode makes life in the zone a picnic compared to life in the wasteland. With this mode you have to eat, drink and sleep to survive. Damage is even more lethal and ammo has weight.

Thats all next time I will be on track as i fix up my computer!

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  1. Got this today. So far from what i've played it has been brilliant.