Friday, October 29, 2010

Hackintosh for everyone!

Looking around lifehacker today and found a article that i have been wanting to do for a long time. Hackintosh for those who don't know is a regular computer with Mac's operating system on it.  My plan for awhile has been to take my old pc and turn it into either a linux server or a hackintosh. Since i found this first i will be building a frankin computer for my hackintosh. I dont think you actually need the parts in this vid because you might as well just buy a mac for around the same cost. I'll research some more.

side note. 1st time putting a YouTube in here. how can i resize it to fit?
Thanks a ton didn't think to do that


  1. wow.. good pc and good tips..

    to resize you go in embebed code.. and change the "width and height" there are 2..
    in my blog it became good with 'width="550" height="355"'


  2. thanls for sharing this!
    great tutorial!!

  3. Thanks for this, will definitely come in handy.

    And resizing can be done in the HTML code or on the youtube embed tab.

  4. great tutorial..Seriously considering this