Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Microsoft is a dying consumer brand

I fairly agree with this article. Windows is still huge but from what i have experienced not everyone goes out and buys the new windows as soon as it comes out. They will either stay with their current os that came with their computer and either change to a newer windows when they get a new computer or go the Linux(free) route. 

God i haven't used IE in probably more then 10 years. Firefox to chrome master race.

As far as the zune goes, i really do like zunes but so many people are already comfortable with iTunes and wont go to a different brand once they already settled in. Microsoft still has a chance in the tablet market but it will need to get on that fast to pull people away from ipads which i think that a Microsoft version would be superior to ipad because it would have everything that the ipad has and doesn't have.

Xbox is still kicking fairly well but as the article stated wii rocks it hard on sales. I feel the ps3 even with no games available to it is far superior to xbox.

I never used bing because google is a unstoppable monster that i worship daily. 

But really is Microsoft doomed? God no. They have so much money they can stay in it for ages to come and they can turn everything this article said around in no time. They need to become as aggressive with all their brands as they did with the Xbox. If they do this then we can see some real quality products from Microsoft.


NEW YORK ( -- Consumers have turned their backs on Microsoft. A company that once symbolized the future is now living in the past.

What's wrong with Microsoft

Internet Explorer's popularity has been waning for years, and one recent study showed that for the first time in more than a decade, more people are using alternative browsers.
Windows Phone 7 has promise, but Microsoft dug itself an enormous hole with the subpar Windows Mobile platform.
Microsoft's media platform Zune was dead on arrival.
Bing is growing, but substantially all of that growth has come at the expense of its business partner, Yahoo -- not its archrival Google. 
Microsoft's attempts to build a social network through Windows Live have failed to gain traction. It has no real answer to Facebook. 
Six months after Apple's (AAPL, Fortune 500) release of the iPad, Microsoft still has virtually no presence in the tablet market.
With Xbox, Microsoft succeeded at innovating: It created a competitive video game brand for hardcore gamers. But even Xbox was outdueled by Nintendo with the Wii, which outsold Xbox by appealing to casual gamers.


  1. lol bill gates has so much money he could start world war 3

  2. Maaaan you're right I never really thought about this, no one except the hardcore fanboys go run and buy the new os, and I used to LOVE ie, but now some of my favorite websites say I have to have firefox just to use them and now im pretty much never going to ie cause firefox owns

  3. yeah, there aren't many MS fanbois

  4. hard to believe microsoft is dying

  5. I think the only reason people still use IE is for those who aren't particularly computer savey, and are fine playing farmville all day

  6. Microsoft will be fine as they rule the enterprise marketplace

  7. I hate IE... I use Firefox and CHrome